Hello, my name is Bethany Bell…

…and this is my story. Every day I wake up grateful for another opportunity to live the life I’ve been given and to share the wonder of that life through words.

Writing, to me, is a gift. It is the joyful expression of the world as I see it written in black and white but filled with all the wonderful colours of the universe.

The part of the universe I currently inhabit is the Central-East African country of Rwanda where I serve as a Peace Corps volunteer teaching English in a secondary school.

The first part of my story began in Arkansas where I was born and raised amongst the best family I could ask for. Many chapters later, I turned the page and found myself living in and falling in love with the city of Boston, Massachusetts. I have dubbed that place my ‘soul city; the place in this world where I feel most at home and most alive to the world. Boston is where my passion for baking was revived in earnest and where I initially decided to apply for the Peace Corps.

As the ink dried on that decision, I lifted my pen and set the point down again in Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta gave me an unforgettable year of family bonding that I will cherish forever. It is also where this blog was written into existence.

So, here I am, making sense of the world one written word at a time. And, here you are, giving me the most precious gift of your time to make sense of it with me.

I hope this blog inspires you to explore new places, encourages you to try new things, and inspires you to tell your story, too.

Feel free to leave a comment or email me directly!